In the process… of creating a space station

Contemplating how integration and curiosity benefits the engagement of learners.


I am currently in the process of deciding how much an integrated classroom encourages and entices curiosity of my students. For instance, during term 3 we are to study Space and the Solar System, if I was to go all out refurbishing my classroom into a space station experience, and linking in other KLAs, would this lead to more engaged learners and better outcomes?

The research suggests it does, yet I am willing to trial it myself in a more intense way than I have been achieving thus far.

At the moment, I am searching space themes and wondering how to best transform my classroom into a space station / solar system, thanks to Pinterest. I plan on also creating NASA ID Cards for my students with specific classroom roles. I guess the next job will then be checking that integration will authentically occur across other areas of the curriculum. Finally, setting everything up, with much anticipation and excitement for the upcoming term. I am a fortnight to get organised.



2 thoughts on “In the process… of creating a space station”

  1. My best memories of middle school were of the space team, where the overnight mission that we prepared for all year felt a lot like a slumber party. These memories are important to me now, and I am sure were a factor in how much I learned back then. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for this project!


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