Positive Education Workshop

Today I completed an online workshop focusing on positive education and it was thoroughly interesting and excellent. I am feeling quite motivated to implement some ideas into my teaching practice, as well as continue to wonder further.


Here are my top 10 points from the workshop:

  1. Aim to create a “high flourishing” classroom that examines links between positive emotions and well being influenced by relationships, grit, accomplishment, character strengths, goal setting, mindfulness, flow, mindset, gratitude, genetics, physical activities and social networks
  2. P.E.R.M.A – Positive emotion / Engagement / Relationships / Meaning / Accomplishment
  3. We don’t allow our students to fail. The opposite of success is not continuing to try.
  4. The physical space of your classroom matters
    1. Are your students eager to enter your classroom?
    2. How does your classroom space set up your students to succeed?
  5. The purpose is to create positive educational experiences for all students, regardless of their behaviour/needs/etc
  6. Use professional networks to improve your practice in regard to disability and inclusion (peer observations, video yourself and self reflect, collegial discussions)
  7. Self-compassion, mindfulness and self-care are highly important for teachers. You cannot keep giving if you don’t have it – ie, if we do not self-care, it limits what we can give to our students.
  8. B.O.L.D – Breath deeply and slow down / Observe your thoughts / Listen to your values / Decide on actions and do them
  9. Unhelpful thinking includes:
    1. Predicative thinking
    2. Personalisation
    3. Catastrophising
  10. Listen to more TED Talks, continuing being informed, continuing asking questions, continue wondering so you can grow in best teaching practice!

calm down tip sheet

TLN-journal-iss3-2013-web – Page 2-3



2 thoughts on “Positive Education Workshop”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!😍
    How did you find the workshop?
    I’d be really keen to build up my practice in this regard!💜
    So inspired by you and all of the wonderful work you do 😁👍


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